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Luxe Hair Studio Inc - Regina, Canada

Luxe Hair Studio Luxe Hair Studio Luxe Hair Studio

Brief Description of Project

At first when our team was approached to create a website for the Luxe Hair Studio Inc, our client felt we might never be able to satisfy them. Luxe Hair Studio Inc insisted on a very simple website which sounds quite interesting at first until a prototype was created for our client to choose from and that was where it all began and luckily for our development team, it got more interesting.

Although our client chose a different design before this but when the site came live, they loved it at first but later had a change of mind and insisted on going for the current design live right now. So we pulled down the first website and created this one. Our strenght is providing services that satisfy our client's desires and expectations regardless of what we have to go through.

On completion of the new Luxe Hair Studio Inc website, both parties had a special feeling of fulfilment and our pride is to make our clients happy in every single way. The new website is a very simple website as desired by the client and like every other web project we create, Luxe Hair Studio Inc's website is compatible with all major browsers and devices as it features a sleek mobile version. It loads amazingly fast too and we are proud to have it on our portfolio.

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Client Feedback

When we wanted to create our company website, We decided we wanted something really simple and outstanding. We were thrilled when we found webkraft, They took our vision and made it come to life. Webkraft is with no doubt the best design company I ever worked with. I will come back again.

- By Kelsey Kivela (Owner Luxe Hair Studio Inc)

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