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Here Are Some FAQs:

With all the firms available, why should I choose Webkraft,LLC?

We understand every business & brand is unique. As such, each of our web/mobile projects are unique to suit your business & share appropriate messages, Webkraft, LLC provides innovative services & solutions created to meet up with the latest technologies and web standards. We also have several special offers most of competitors promise but don't deliver. In addition to our web projects being compatible with all browsers and devices, they are built with clean codes and HD images that not only reflects the brand but also reflect world-class creativity making it outstanding on the web in an amazing way. Please learn more about us & more reasons why choosing to work wiith us will turn out to be one your best decisions.

How much do you charge for your projects?

Considering the fact that every project is unique to the needs of every individual client & business, Much as we maintain a billing standard, our charges are based on the scope and complexity of each project. But then we endeavour to work within the budget of our clients and do not compromise our quality regardless of our client's budget. That is to say there is always an affordable package for you that will satisfy your needs and meet up with expectations. You can talk to us about your project and we shall provide you with the best possible options. In the event where you need to hire a dedicated developer, you can discuss that with us too. However, regardless of your budget, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I see my Website/Application or Project while in progress?

Absolutely yes! In addition to providing you with backend access to monitor the project development, we also have an online project management platform in place where you can track your project deliverables every step of the way. You can see our portal here: Project Management Portal

How long will it take to complete my project?

Similar to the example explained above, the time frame will also depend on the complexity of the project. However we endeavour to deliver every project as soon as possible. Please bear in mind that we offer several services and in most cases the time it'd take to deliver a mobile phone application might be different from the time it will take to finish up a website. Once again it all depends on the complexity of the project. But once we agree within a scheduled time then be rest assured you will get your project delivered on-time.

After the project is complete will I have complete control over it?

Once final payment has been made, You will have absolute control over the website or project. All its content and details will be yours 100%.

How do I get more visitors & more people to know about my site?

After a project has been approved to be complete, In most cases we provide basic tips and guides on how to get visitors to your new website via tutorials and free 30-days support. However, in the event where client is not interested in our free training & support, Webkraft, LLC also offers digital marketing services in addition to having dedicated staff available for hire. We encourage you to contact us for further discussions on digital marketing and how to get more visitors to your website.

Do you also provide web-hosting services?

Oh yes! our web-development projects take care of domain name registration and web-hosting too as hosting is very important in every web project. Webkraft, LLC has its cloud server located in the United States of America & also has data centers in several other locations across the globe. Our hosting services guarantee 99.9% up-time and have stood the test of time. We are currently in partnership with leading companies as part of our commitment to providing quality services.

Do I really need SEO & how important is it?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is quite important in every web-development project as it increases your site's visibility and increases your chances of being found on the internet by potential clients that search for services related to what you offer. Unless there are other professional reasons best known to you, we do recommend SEO to all our clients. It's our standard and policy at Webkraft, LLC to carry our basic optimization on all our projects nonetheless we also offer advanced SEO services for interested clients.

I need some custom made softwares and applications for my business. Can you help?

Software solutions and mobile application development are also parts of the services we offer. Please visit our services page to know more about these services and how we can harness them to achieve your business objectives or get in touch to tell us more about your project and what you actually desire to achieve.

How many web-pages can I create?

It all depends on you and what you plan to achieve with your website. You can create as many web-pages as you desire and we are always here to help you achieve that.

Can you perform your services for clients overseas?

Yes we can! We offer inter-continental and multi-language support which implies that regardless of any part of the world you are right now or how you run your business we have already put in place adequate technology, resources and project management sources to enable us work together effectively in such a way that the impact of distance wouldn't be felt much or allowed to affect the success of the project in anyway.

How about the Legal side, Non-disclosure agreements, Project Proposal et.c?

As required for every project, all necessary legal documents are always made available. This helps us stay organized and safe and also keep our business relationship transparent. With every project we embark on, we prepare a detailed business proposal which includes but not limited to scope of work, project cost and time management amongst others. We also make available the terms and conditions for every project in clear terms, Non-disclosure agreements, project site-map, visual draft and all other legal documents are also made available during the course of every project. Please feel free to talk to us and make further enquiries.

I'm confused, I don't know exactly what I need but I want a website. Can you help me?

Of-course we can and we would be honored to assist you in making the right decisions without any cost implications. Our team of highly qualified and experienced IT experts can provide you with impartial advices that will guide you towards the achievement of your business objectives. Please review the services we offer and also learn more on why you should consider working with us, the benefits included and why we stand out. You can also contact us now for a free consultation on your project and we shall get back to you within the least possible time frame.

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